Clash of the Titans

Lawyers Have Heart

By Jim Hage

June 10, 2006

Washington, DC

For the Washington Running Report

Most would argue that running is an individual endeavor. But Gurmessa Kumsa insisted it was the strength of his teammates that helped him pull away from Wilson Komen in the last half mile of the 16th Lawyers Have Heart 10K in Georgetown and win in a course record 29 minutes 51 seconds. Komen finished second in 30:01, also bettering Jerry Lawson's mark of 30:18 set in 1994.

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On the Alliances

Opinion: On March 17, 2001, a seminar was organized by the OLF group in the Washington, D.C. area titled, “A Seminar on Causes and Solutions: for “The Political, Economic and Human Rights Problems Facing the Oromo People within Regional and Global Context.” Naturally, people went to the seminar expecting that they would be discussing the alliance of Oromo forces. They never expected that the focus would be alliance with Ethiopian forces. But it was.

If I am not mistaken, the issues on the program were divided into morning and afternoon presentations. The morning was devoted to defining or explaining the problems that the Oromo face, and the audience was explicitly told that the solution was to be discussed at the end of the program. People were expecting to hear a serious presentation of solution strategies for the very real problems now confronting the Oromo. That is not what they got. The speakers endorsed the idea of an alliance with Amhara in order to remove Prime Minister Meles Zenawi from power.

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Ethiopia: ADF's Strength and limitations

OPINION: The Alliance of Kinijit, OLF and the smaller parties of ONLF, SLF and EPPF is a huge step for the unity, democracy and peace of Ethiopia. ADF (Alliance for Democracy and freedom) is the first attempt on the part of political parties of Ethiopia who follow opposite objectives in their willingness to publicly come together and agree to start to find solutions since the fall of the monarchy thirty two years ago.

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Ogaden UWSLF says killed 39 Ethiopian soldiers

Friday 26 May 2006.United Western Somali Liberation Front ( UWSLF)Information Office

Military communiqué

May 25, 2006 — The UWSLF army which operates widely in Western Somali (Ogaden) has launched an attack on Ethiopian Troops convey at Bali Saredo area near Gunagado of Dagahbur Zone and killed 39 soldiers and wounded 8 others on 15 May 2006.

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Ethiopia again violates arms embargo on Somalia

(SomaliNet) Mohamed Omar Habeb known as ‘Mohamed Dhere’ who is member of the newly formed anti terror alliance, has received military supply from Ethiopia as five trucks loaded with weapons from Ethiopia have reached his strong hold Jowhar town, some 90km north of the capital Mogadishu as reliable sources told Somalinet.

Sources close to Mohamed Dhere’s aide say these trucks (Fait N3 Lorries) had loaded the weapons from military base in Ferfer district of Ethiopian territory.

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Foreign investors flood Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government said Tuesday it had issued investment licenses for 17,000 investors with a combined registered capital of 231 billion birr (26.6 billion U.S.dollars) over the past 14 years. Abi Woldemeskel, director general of the Ethiopian Investment Agency, told journalists that the number of foreign investors in Ethiopia is steadily growing, since the downfall of the Derg regime in 1991.

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O.L.F: World has to support dialogue to end Ethiopian crisis

Thursday 18 May 2006.Testimony of Hassan Hussein, Foreign Relations head of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), at EU Parliamentary hearing

Honorable Chairperson, Esteemed Lawmakers and Invited Guests:

Thank you for holding these important hearings.

My name is Hassan Hussein, head of Foreign Relations with the OLF.

Today I speak not only on behalf of OLF but also ONLF and SLF. To the extent that the yearning for these ideals is universal, I speak for all who yearn for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia.

It is an understatement to say that Ethiopia is at a crossroads. The next year is likely to determine whether we are able, at long last, to overcome the bitter legacy of the past in which small cliques have ruled and the majority suffered and whether Ethiopia becomes a source of regional stability or instability. If Ethiopia descends into chaos, it will be Somalia on steroid.

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Ethiopian Airplanes strike Tigrey Militias deployed in Ogaden

The Ogaden Somali territory lies between Oromia, Afar land, Djibouti, Kenya and Somalia. Somali agro-pastoral people with a single language, culture, and socio-economic structure inhabit Ogaden. Latest reports reaching Ogaden Online service desk especially those from Dhagax Bur and Qorahey zones indicate that after having been soundly defeated in the latest military encounters with ONLF troops, Ethiopian military started the use of air strikes.

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Unemployed Youth Become Self-Reliant

The Oromia State Public Mobilization, Labour and Social Affairs Bureau announced that the plan devised to engage 323,000 unemployed youth in various jobs this fiscal year has registered encouraging results.

Speaking at a training organized for associations of the unemployed in Fincha town, Labour and Social Affairs Sector Deputy Head with the Bureau, Terefe Gebre-Sellassie, said 323,000 unemployed youth have been organized in associations this year so as to be assisted to secure jobs.

He said the state government has allocated over 127 million birr for the plan and consolidated works have been underway by organizing the youth under 15,000 associations.

Among the youth organized under the associations, 137,000 are engaged in different jobs that enabled them to become self-reliant, while various kinds of training are being offered to the remaining youth.

According to Terefe, the youth are engaged in micro and small-scale businesses, animal husbandry and fattening, agriculture and fishing, among others.



Averting the hovering genocide in Oromia

Open Letter the VOA: Now is the right time for the World to AVERT the hovering GENOCIDE in Oromia: Ethiopia

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Voice of America has been doing services of incalculable magnitude for the Voiceless people in the Horn of Africa, more specifically for powerless majority-Oromo people-of Oromia, Ethiopia. This is true as people have started to reject the excessively government controlled Ethiopian media which only serves its agenda setting functions and the public have openly chosen to listen radio broadcasts from the Voice of America.

Following the May 15, 2005 General Elections in Ethiopia, there have been continuous mass protests both in the cities and in the villages of the country. These demonstrations have been suppressed violently by government security forces leading to the killings of hundreds and imprisonments of thousands. The mass protests in the cities is covered by the Voice America Horn of Africa programs.But the killings and disappearances in the greatly rural area of Oromia, Ethiopia, still goes on uncovered.

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Oromo: Enquiry Commission Commences Activities by Electing Leader

The Enquiry Commission, which was recently established to investigate the atrocities perpetrated on life and damages on property in Oromia state, has officially begun activities by electing its leadership. The commission elected yesterday Belay Mekonnen as chairman, and Girma Worku as Deputy Chairman unanimously.

It was noted on the occasion that the elected executives are experienced professionals trained in law and not affiliated to any political party.

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'Let them have cattle'

29/04/2006 22:01 - (SA)

Addis Ababa - A United Nations official has urged Ethiopia not to force its nomadic pastoralists to change their way of life, despite suffering successive droughts.

Ethiopia has been affected by searing droughts in the last few years. Officials say the pastoralists are the worst affected, often losing their entire livestock.

Officials said the pastoralist nomadic life makes its difficult for the herders to receive appropriate government intervention.

The UN secretary-general's special humanitarian envoy for the Horn of Africa, Kjell Magne Bondevik, said: "If the pastoralists opted freely to change their nomadic way of life and become settled farmers, I am for it.

"But if they are forced to change their way of life I am against it."

Bondevik, who is visiting the Horn of Africa to raise awareness of drought in the region, travelled to the Oromiya region on Sunday, where he met pastoralist representatives.

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Oromo: UN Condemns Ethiopia over Rights


United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour has strongly criticised Ethiopia's human rights situation, calling it "worrying".

Mrs Arbour, who is in Ethiopia visiting prisons, said conditions she had seen were "rudimentary" and "harsh".

She said it was not right that detainees had been held in custody for a year without bail.

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Pastoral food insecurity remains severe


April 14,2006

While the 2006 long-rains season has now begun in all areas of the country, pastoral food insecurity remains extremely severe. Pastoral households have lost a significant proportion of their livestock and livestock mortalities continue. As a result, it is expected the recovery period will be difficult, even if the long-rains season establishes. Food and non-food interventions are mitigating severe food insecurity across most of the drought-affected areas, for the time being.

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Barataa Gaddisaa Hirphasaa abba isaa Obbo Hirphasaa Qana’aa fi haadha isaa Aaddee Jaalannee Diroo irraa Eebla bara 1980(A.L.O.) Godina Shawaa Lixaa Aanaa Xuqur Incinnii ganda Qorroo Haarritti dhalate. Barnoota isaa sadarkaa 1ffaa achuma Xuqur Incinnii mana barumsaa Boorat sadarkaa 1ffaatti xumure. Barnoota sadarkaa lammaffaa kutaa 9 M.B. sadarkaa lammaaffaa Gudaritti kan hordofe yoo ta’u 10-12 ammoo M.B.sadarkaa lammaafaa Jimmaatti barate. Qormaata Biyyoolessaa qabxii olaanaa galmeessuun Yuunivarsiitii Finfinneetti ramadame. Barnoota sadarkaa olaanaas qabxii guddaa fiduun

muummee Teeknooloojii seenuun barataa civil engineering waggaa 4ffaa ture.

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Suuraa kana irratti sabboontonni magaalaa finfinnee B/O/Y/Finfiinnee, haayyoota Oromoo walumaagalatti sabboontonni Oromoo magaalaa finfinnee jiraatan gaafa 29/03/2006 ganama sa'aa 3:00 hosphitaala minilik argamuun reenfa Jaal Gaaddisaa gaggeesuuf lakkoofsan kuma sadii ol kan ta'aan argamuun isaani beekameera. kuniis akka armaan gadii kana fakkaata.

Qabsa'aan kufuus qabsoon itti fufa!!!! - Gabaasa Guutuu

Obbo Mohammed Xayyib and Obbo Gaddisa Hirphasa were recently murdered by the Ethiopian government. Obbo Gaddisa Hirphasa was killed for being a member of Maccaa-Tuulama Self-Help Association on March 28, 2006. The killing of our children will not be forgotten!! One day, the Oromo nation will have justice.

Congratulations to Obbo Gurmessa Kumsa on his win of the national half-marathon!!

Obbo Gurmessa won the half race on March 25, 2006. His time was 3 minutes better than was expected. Here is NBC4 link regarding the Marathon winners.

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A history of conflict, fear and struggle

Marsabit and Moyale district belong to the defunct Northern Frontier District NFD, an arid region hosting a pastoralist economy. The NFD that stretched from Kenya’s border with Ethiopia to present day North Eastern Province into modern day Tana River and Lamu districts was dissolved after the 1963-1967 irredentist campaign in which they took part.

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14 killed in Kenyan military plane crash

AP: NAIROBI, Kenya - A Kenyan military plane carrying politicians to a peace conference crashed while attempting to land Monday in northern Kenya, killing a Cabinet minister, six other politicians and at least seven other people. Four of the 17 people on the plane were pulled from the fiery wreckage alive and flown to the capital Nairobi for treatment, witnesses said. But one of the survivors apparently died on the way to Nairobi.

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Ethiopia - Oromo's ONC sacks its secretary general

April 7, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA) The opposition Oromo National Congress (ONC) said its Secretary General, Bonna Tadesse, was removed from his position. The Congress told the official ENA on Friday that Bonna was removed from the post after he was repeatedly found communicating with individuals dismissed from the party.

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THE IMPACTS OF ETHIOPIAN STATE TERRORISM AND GOBALIZATION ON THE OROMO NATIONAL MOVEMENT: Today the Oromo people are facing state terrorism, massive human rights violations, and hidden genocide from the Tigrayan-led Ethiopian government because of their economic resources and their struggle for national self-determination and democracy. - Dr Asafa Jalata

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Companies want access to Ethiopia’s gas fields

Addis Ababa - The ministry of mines and energy’s invitation for expressions of interest in the Hilala and Calub gas fields has brought 19 potential bidders to the table.

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Ethiopia's Bati wins women's 4km world cross country race

Last year's junior champion Gelete Burika Bati graduated to senior champion when she won the women's four-kilometer race at the world cross country championships on Sunday.

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Ethio-Russian firm gets license for Wollega's placer gold minin

An Ethio-Russian joint venture firm has been given the go-ahead to engage in large-scale mining of placer gold (alluvial gold), according to local reports on Saturday. The Western Wollega Gold Exploration PLC was granted a license to prospect for alluvial gold in Denghi, Western Wollegea Zone of the southern Oromia State, said officials with the Ministry of Mines and Energy on Saturday.

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Ethiopia's Bekele & Dibaba wins world cross country course

Heavily favoured Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia has triumphed at the world cross country championships in Japan, the first half of their double gold medal defense.

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Land Covered With Coffee in West Wollega Increases By 23 Percent

The land covered with coffee in West Wollega Zone of the Oromia State increased by 23 per cent in the past three years, the zonal agriculture and rural development department said.

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Ethiopia signs agreement with U.S. firm on oil exploration

Ethiopian official said Wednesday that the Horn of Africa country has signed an agreement on oil exploration with a U.S. firm. The agreement was signed Wednesday between Ethiopia's Ministry of Mines and Energy and Afar Exploration. It will enable the latter explore oil in northeast Ethiopia's Afar State.

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Ethiopia "at Crossroads," Warns U.S. Official

Deputy Assistant Secretary Yamamoto testifies to Congress. Ethiopia is "currently at a crossroads" -- it can continue to move forward or it can lapse into the sort of government that is best encountered in the history books, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Donald Yamamoto told the U.S. Congress March 28. In testimony before the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations, Yamamoto said, "It is incumbent upon Prime Minister Meles, his government and the various elements of the multifaceted opposition to demonstrate to the world, but, more importantly, to Ethiopians, the sincerity of their professed commitment to democracy through their actions as well as their words."

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Irrigation Dev't in Oromia Said Successful

IrrigatiIrrigation development carried out in Oromia State over the past three years has been successful, the State Irrigation Development Authority said. It said farmers, who are engaged in the irrigation development and who live nearby market areas have been able to change their livelihood by earning up to 50,000 birr income per head annually.

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Sof Omar, Dire Sheikh Hussein to Be Registered As World Heritage

Sof Omar, Dire Sheikh Hussein to Be Registered As World Heritage: A study conducted by UNESCO to register the Sof Omar Cave and the Dire Sheik Hussein mosque in Bale Zone of the Oromia State as world heritage has been completed, the Zonal Culture and Tourism Department said.

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European Union Issues Its Long Awaited Report On Ethiopia

The European Union has issued its long-awaited final report on last May’s legislative elections in Ethiopia. The EU says the elections fell short of international democratic standards, and the post-election period was marked by a rapid deterioration of human rights. The report says the pre-election period saw a number of positive developments, and voting on may 15th was conducted in a peaceful and largely orderly manner. But it says the counting and was marred by what it calls irregular practices, confusion and a lack of transparency.

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Meles will also have his day in court one day soon......

Genocide verdict for Ethiopia's Mengistu due in May

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - A verdict in the genocide trial against Ethiopia's exiled former dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam is due on May 23 after 14 years of proceedings, a court said on Wednesday. Mengistu -- who fled to Zimbabwe in 1991 after guerrilla forces led by now Prime Minister Meles Zenawi ousted his 17-year-old Marxist regime -- is being tried in absentia.

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The popular Oromo People’s uprising added a new dimension

The popular Oromo uprising that has counted more than four months continued with more commitment and a new dimension. The Oromo people’s struggle is now incorporated withholding any trade exchange with the government and its agents.

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Drought devastating to farmers in Borana

Southern Ethiopia, March 14, 2006--The cows weep and then they die. In southern Ethiopia, Goyu Gordana is trying to keep the cattle he has left alive, but at least five are dying every day. “When tears fall from the cow’s eyes, I know that soon it will be dead,” he explains. Goyu is a Boran. The Borana people live in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. Their way of life depends on their cattle.

Cattle are not only the Borana’s source of food and income, but are also important socially.

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China to study coal mine in Ethiopia

CHINA National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation received a contract to study the potential of coal reserves in southern Ethiopia, its management said yesterday in Addis Ababa. The contract was signed between the company and the project office for coal phosphate fertilizer under the Ministry of Trade and Industry yesterday, said Xu Wanhua, chief representative of the firm's Ethiopia office.

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U.S. Releases 2005 Human Rights Report on Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2005

Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

March 8, 2006

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Considerate dissenting voice of Oromo

Mar 8, 2006 Oromo-nation of population over 40 million in the Horn of Africa to whom democracy was/is inalienable was deprived of its right to self-determination due to the successive yokes of repressive regimes of Ethiopia almost all sustained by westerns’ support.Though , repression of successors have been aggravated, Oromo nation is escalating its demand for natural, human and democratic rights stipulated in international documents ratified by the EPRDP/ TPLF regime including:

(1) Respect of basic human right for Oromos! (2) Lasting Solution for nations’ national questions for self -determination ! (3) Stop killing , massacring, imprisoning ,torturing and inhumanely treating Oromos! (4) Immediate and unconditional release of leaders of the venerable Oromo association- Macha-Tulama self-help Association(MTA). (5) Allow with out precondition ,MTA resume its office! (6) Immediate and unconditional release of all Oromo political prisoners and innocents allegedly imprisoned! (7) As Oromo is not represented ,EPRDP/TPLF is illegitimate regime to Oromos and other oppressed Nations! (8) Stop Camouflaging passionate to Oromos by miscellaneous self-deceptive reforming which never solve Oromos cause! (9) Oromos cause can only be solved by Oromo’s Venerable political party -Oromo Liberation Front(OLF) ,thus stop labeling OLF ‘anti-peace’, rather convene way to reinstate its office! For Oromos OLF is beyond concept of party as it is the sole bearer of their whole hearts feeling , identity and real cause!

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Should Affaan Oromo be a national language in Ethiopia?

Mar 7, 2006 Some months ago, I offered my arguments and reasoning, on the subject, on one of the Oromo Discussion Forums. My greatest concern is this notion that Amarigna should remain the national language of Ethiopia in consideration for appeasing Oromos by making Affaan Oromo a "national language" as is being pandered by some. There are serious ramifications to Oromos and one need not conduct a study to understand the implications of unilaterally mandating and imposing one’s language and culture on others.

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China starts oil drilling in Ethiopia’s Gambella

Mar 4, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA) The Chinese petroleum company, Zhonguan Petroleum Exploration Bureau (ZPEB), last week started drilling the first exploration well in the Gambella basin, west Ethiopia.The Ethiopian Minister of Mines and Energy, (MME), Alemayehu Tegenu, and Abiy Hunegnaw, head of the petroleum operation departmnt with the ministery, last Friday visited the oil exploratin project in the Gambella Basin.

The officials attended the launching of the drilling on the first exploration well (wild cat well) in the region.

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UN worker shot in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - An Austrian civilian member of the UN mission to Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) was shot and wounded by an Ethiopian soldier Saturday while jogging in Addis Ababa, diplomats said. The man was hit by a bullet in the thigh while exercising near an Ethiopian military base and taken to the government military hospital in the capital, where "he is in good condition," Austrian Ambassador Brigitte Ottinger said.

The morning shooting took place in the Old Airport district to the south-west of Addis Ababa, she added, saying that the first incident of its kind appeared to have been an accident.

The UNMEE forces, civilian and military, were deployed in the neighbouring Horn of Africa countries after a border war between May 1998 and May 2000 that claimed scores of thousands of lives.

Another diplomatic source, who asked not to be named, said "there was no warning sign in the area saying (the Austrian) was not allowed to be there" and that Ethiopian authorities had subsequently arrested the soldier involved.

Ethiopian officials could not be reached to comment on the incident. - Sapa-AFP

Farmers earn 15mln birr from oil seeds

Jimma, March 3, 2006 (WIC) - Farmers in Limu Seka woreda of Jimma zone in Oromia state have earned 15 million birr from oil seeds they sold during the past harvest season, the Woreda Information and Public Relations Office said. Public Relations expert with the Office, Getachew Bodena,told WIC yesterday that the 23,000 farmers in the woreda obtained the stated amount of money from peanuts, sesame and nigger seed.

He said the farmers were able to improve their livelihood by utilizing the income they earned from the oil seeds produced on over 12,300 hectares of land.

According to Getachew, the farmers who used to live in thatched cottages have managed to construct better houses and bought milk cows and oxen.

Farmers Developing 695 Hectares Through Irrigation

The Dendi Woreda Agriculture and Rural Development Office in West Shoa Zone of the Oromia State said that 3,200 family head farmers in the Woreda have been cultivating 695 hectares through irrigation.

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Kabbadaa Badhaasee abbaa isaa obbo Badhaasee Irkoo fi haadhaa isaa aaddee Maammee Tulluu irraa bara 1984 A.L.O tti caamsaa 23 godina Shawaa Lixaa Aanaa Xuqur Incinnii Ganda Qonnaan bulaa Naannoo Jidduutti dhalate.Kabbadaan Dhalatee kan guddate maati

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"Bird flu-like" disease reported in Ethiopia

Feb 27, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA)

Signs of avian flu have been observed in Endibir woreda district of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s (SNNP) State, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development disclosed.

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Restraining Brain Drain: an Alert Or a Stern Warning

Many people even if they are educated search the opportunities to go out of their country and to do any kind of work abroad.

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Ibsa ejjannoo barsiisota Dodolaa

1. Gaafiin uummata keenyaa gaafii keenya waan ta`eef hanga gaafiin kun deebii argatutti ummata keenya wajjiin ni qabsoofna

2. Qotee bultoota barattootaa fi lammiin kan qabsoo kanaaf hidhame murtii haa argatu

3. Warri diddaa kana irratti wareegaman martii isaaniitiif beenyaan haa kafalamu

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Humanitarian situation worsens in southeast Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, Feb. 27 (Xinhuanet)

The humanitarian situation in southeast Ethiopia continues to deteriorate, with increasing livestock deaths, serious shortage of water and high levels of malnutrition, a UN aid agency said on Monday.

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Police arrest opposition members in western Ethiopia

Feb 26, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA) Ethiopian authorities arrested opposition members accused of subversive activities in western Ethiopia. The Ethiopian TV said the “anti-peace forces” collaborated with the Ormo rebels and the Eritrean government.

The term "anti-peace forces" is often used by the government to refer to members of the main opposition political party, the Coalition for United and Democracy (CUDP), which claims elections last year were rigged.

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US board condemns charges against VOA journalists by Ethiopia

Feb 22, 2006 (WASHINGTON) The U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) unanimously passed a resolution condemning the Ethiopian government’s charges against five Voice of America (VOA) Horn of Africa broadcasters as "a blatant attempt to criminalize freedom of the press" and calling upon that country’s government to drop the charges without delay.

The BBG resolution further states, "The people of Ethiopia deserve unfettered access to accurate, balanced and comprehensive information. For the past 24 years, the Voice of America has provided them with precisely that, and will continue to do so."

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Investors With Close to 6 Bil. Birr Capital Licensed in Oromia

The Oromia State Investment Commission disclosed that entrepreneurs with an aggregate capital of over 5.8 billion birr have been licensed during the last six months. Investment Commissioner, Alemu Simie, told WIC Monday that the 500 licensed investors would engage in meat processing, farming, forestry development, industry, hotel and tourism, bottling mineral water and floriculture. He said most of the investment projects are currently at either construction or pre-production stages.

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A losing bet in Ethiopia

By Mike Clough, Michael Clough has worked on U.S. Africa policy for nearly three decades. Most recently, he was the Africa advocacy director for Human Rights Watch. ETHIOPIA IS edging toward renewed conflict with Eritrea that could result in tens of thousands of deaths and spark a civil war that would claim many more lives. But the Bush administration, a strong supporter of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, appears to have neither the vision nor the will to avert catastrophe.

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Ethiopia denies killing of two students in Oromia

Feb 21, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA) — Ethiopia’s police denied media reports on the killing of two students during a riot in Oromia state, the official ENA reported. A news story filed by Voice of America (VOA), Deutsche Welle and Eritrean radio alleging that two students were killed during a riot that occurred in Gebre-guracha Comprehensive Secondary School in North Shoa Zone, Oromia State was far from the truth, the students who were reported to be dead disclosed.

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SHOPPING Delegation visit Fair Trade coffee source(Oromia)

By Ross Brewster: THREE Keswick Fair Trade campaigners have returned from a tour of Ethiopian coffee farming co-operatives. Their two-week visit has strengthened their resolve to spread the message of Fair Trade in this country and, in the future, to try and establish closer ties between Cumbria and the coffee producing area.

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Coffee birthplace(Jimma) to host first ever beauty contest

Ethiopia's southwestern city of Jimma, commonly known as the birthplace of coffee, is for the first time in its history braced to host a beauty contest, it was learned Sunday. Cleopatra Promotion, a private local company, will organize the beauty pageant on March 24, at Jimma's prestigious Gojeb Minch Hotel.

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Olympic gold medalist Derartu Tulu inaugurates two-star hotel

A two star hotel established by the two-time Olympic gold medalist Derartu Tulu was inaugurated on Saturday. The hotel that rests on 4,500 sq. meters in Asella town, Arsi Zone of the Oromia State, was constructed at a cost of over US$ 721,643.

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Documentary Film On Oromia Coffee Motivates Hand-Outs to Farmers

Black Gold, a documentary film revolving around the plight of Ethiopian coffee growers, triggered individuals in the United States to offer donations to coffee farmers in Oromia region, Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union General Manager Tadesse Meskela told The Daily Monitor.

Produced by British filmmakers Nick and Marc Francis, Black Gold is currently screened at various cinema halls in the US where it has attracted attention from the audience, after its launching late January at the United States' Sundance Film Festival.

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Popular uprising in Oromia reaches a critical stage

Feb 15, 2006

The popular uprising that has been raging throughout Oromia since Nov. 9, 2005 is unprecedented in the history of the Oromo people and is marking a new chapter in the struggle for freedom and democracy. The basic demands remain the same: respect for human dignity and basic freedoms, justice through an impartial court of law, implementing the right to self-determination enshrined in the constitution and making it functional and meaningful, the release of all political prisoners, the reinstatement of the Mecha Tullama self-help Association and addressing the grievances of the Oromo people through a peaceful political means rather than through repression. The continuation of these protests despite the harsh response from the regime and the overwhelming support of the people for their vanguard organization, the OLF, have further frustrated the Meles government. However, rather than seeking a political solution as the situation demands, the regime is irresponsibly continuing with its ruthless action of summary and indiscriminate executions, torture, abductions, and unlawful imprisonment of peaceful protesters and innocent people who have not taken part in the protests. Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI), and Associated Press (AP) have confirmed the intensification of intimidation, harassment and arbitrary detentions.

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Dear Prime Minister,

The intervention and the clear condemnation by the Right Honorable Hon Hilary Ben, MP, British Secretary of State for International Development, concerning the Human Rights abuses in Oromiyaa, suspension of direct aid, and the demand for an international investigation amid these concerns was welcome news to the Oromo Communities around the world. The Oromo Communities seized the opportunity to confirm and highlight the atrocities being suffered upon innocent, defenseless and leaderless Oromos, in the form of Petitions to Her Majesty’s Government. [Demand Respect for Human Rights in Oromiya Regional State of Ethiopia

The Oromo Communities further welcome the confirmation by the Right Honorable Prime Minister of the commitment by Her Majesty’s Government to resolve outstanding political and Human Rights issues in Ethiopia. However, we wish to equally express our growing anxiety over statements by the Right Honorable Pprime Minister, which appear to defend and deprecate the cries of the Oromo People for international attention by characterizing the facts and degree of human rights violations and oppression in Ethiopia as an "over-reaction, which often happens." [UK PM targets Ethiopia at summit, Sunday, 12 February 2006, By Peter Biles BBC southern Africa Correspondent,

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Tolossa wins Tokyo International Marathon

Ethiopia's Ambesse Tolossa raises his arms as he crosses the finish line to win the Tokyo International Marathon at Tokyo's National Stadium Sunday. Tolossa won the race in two hours eight minutes and 58 seconds. (Reuters)

Ethiopia's Ambesse Tolossa won the Tokyo International Marathon on Sunday, edging second-place Toshinari Takaoka by less than a minute to rob the Japanese runner of repeat victory before a home crowd.

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Jeneraal Waaqoo Guutuu 1924 - 2006

Jen. Waaqoo Guutuu eenyuu turan?

Abba isaani Obbo Guutuu Usuu Camaarrii fi Haadha isaani Adde Dhuullo Alii Hasan irra 1924 dhalataan. Obbolaa Dhiira Kudhaanii fi Dubartii Sagal qabu. Haadha mana torba (7) irra ilmaan afurtamii sagal (49) horaan, lubbuun kan jiran dhiira kudhanii sadeetiif(18) fi dubartii Kudhanii ja’a (16)

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The United States is to provide Ethiopia with over 84 million dollars to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country and to provide treatment for HIV/AIDS patients, according to an agreement signed in Addis Ababa on today. The agreement provides for the two countries to work together to advance HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment activities under the aegis of the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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Primary education coverage reaches 94 percent in East Wollega zo

Nekempt, February 6, 2006 (wic) - Primary school education coverage in East Wollega zone has reached 94 percent, according to the zonal Education Office. Education Planning and Operation expert with the office, Regassa Gobesho, told WIC today that out of the 365,638 school age children in 26 woredas of the zone, 346,574 are attending primary schools.

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Ajjeecha barattoota Oromoo irratti gegeefamaa jiru

Kanneen Wallaggaa Bahaatti argaman anaalee ollaa lamaan keessaatti torbaan kana keessaa humnoota mootumaa fi barattoota, akkasumas uummattootaa naannoo giddutti walitti bu’insa uumameen, poolisoota keessaa namni lama, barattoota keessaa moo tokko d (Read more...)

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Borana: Agony of importing water from Ethiopia

The pain of losing as little money as Sh100 was too painful for Kula Wako. Not that it was the only cash she had to lay a plate on the table for her children. Rather, it was the pain of losing what she had paid the money for; a rare commodity, which she had 'imported' from a neighbouring country. When she woke up at 5am on January 16, like the rest of northern Kenya residents, she was set to cross over to the other side of the fence where the grass is, almost literally, greener. She loaded four 20-litre jerricans on her only donkey and left Moyale town for the Kenya-Ethiopian border.

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Detention without charge (Amnesty International) Urgent Action

Amnesty International expressed its serious concern on Monday about the conditions of 11 university students from Oromia region who were being held incommunicado. In a press release dated January 30, 2006, Amnesty feared those being held incommunicado were at the risk of facing torture or ill-treatment, and called for investigations into 'several killings' at Ambo Palace prison and Senkele police training centre near Ambo.

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Ethiopia bans grain exports

Jan 30, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA)

Ethiopian government on Monday indefinitely banned the export of all grain products in a bid to stem huge price hikes blamed on political instability, smuggling and the rising cost of transportation and fertilizer. "The export of indigenous grains, including the staple grains, like teff, maize, sorghum and wheat will be suspended indefinitely," the Ministry of Trade and Industry said.

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Famine looms again

News24, South Africa - January 23, 2006

Halima Abdullah Aden was just a teenager when she watched her father and two brothers die during the last famine that hit Ethiopia's remote southeast Somali state six years ago.

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Text of report by The Reporter as posted on Sudan Tribune: 21 Jan 06

The British Secretary of State for International Development, Hilary Benn announced that Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has accepted to probe the alleged human rights violations in Oromia region.

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Oromo uprising nearing three months

Sudan Tribune, Sudan - January 21, 2006

The Oromo people have continued the popular uprising that started on Nov. 9, 2005 in protest to the Ethiopian regime’s gross violation of fundamental human rights. To date we have issued four reports detailing the atrocities perpetuated against peaceful demonstrators by the government. This fifth one is an update on the continued suppression of human rights, the basic freedom of the Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia, and the ruthless measures Meles’ government is taking to stifle the popular uprising ...

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Gambella, January 14, 2006 -

On January 9-10, 2006 EPDRF’s government deployed 6000 forces to Itang and Jikaw districts to continue the unfinished business of December 13 -15, 2003 genocide of Anuaks. At this time the operation was not successful as it was in 2003 since Gambella People Liberation Movement/Front (GPLM/F) who was enraged of the evil act of tyrant regime of Meles Zenawi, could not allow the government forces to move inches from Gambella town to carry out its genocide mission as usual.

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US concerned over treatment of Ethiopian dissidents

Jan 6, 2005 (WASHINGTON)

The United States said Friday it was gravely concerned about Ethiopia’s treatment of hundreds — including five Voice of America journalists charged for their roles in political protests.

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Sudanese army deployed along border with Ethiopia

Jan 5, 2006 (AL-GADARIF, eastern Sudan)

The armed forces in Al-Gadarif State have taken up position in agricultural areas on the border strip east of Al-Atbarawi River in the areas south of Daglash Mountain and east of Sundus and Al-Allaw.

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OFDM Says Harassment Had Intensified Throughout Oromia

The Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) said gross human rights violations and harassment of thousands of opposition party supporters was taking place in Oromia amidst growing instability in the region.

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'No Humvees for Ethiopia'

05/01/2006 20:08 - (SA) Addis Ababa -

The United States has barred the sale of Humvee military vehicles to Ethiopia after they used previously purchased cars to quell political protests in violence that killed at least 85 people, says a senior US diplomat on Thursday. Vicki Huddleston, the charge d'affairs at the US embassy in Addis Ababa, said they had been disappointed to see that several of 20 Humvees sold to Ethiopia in the past had been misused to "disperse demonstrations" and that future sales had been cancelled.

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Oromiya, opposition MPs annoyed with government's laxity

Jan 1, 2005 (ADDIS ABABA)

As student protests against the Prime Minister Meles-led regime intensify, in Oromiya, opposition MPs who have joined the 547-member parliament from the United Ethiopia Democratic Forces (UEDF), the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM), the independent Dr Negaso Gidada [former president of Ethiopia] and those from the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), tried in vain to table an issue on the agenda of the house.

According to Gebru Gebremariam of ONC/UEDF, the MPs were forced to present the request to the special government representative, Shiferaw Jarso, as the Speaker of the House, Ambassador Teshome Toga, refused to allow the subject to be discussed. "Nevertheless, we were met with the same refusal from Ato Shiferaw," Gebru said.

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May the New Year bring good health, prosperity and happiness to all!

May 2006 bring clarity and direction to the Oromo Nation!

Ethiopian TPLF's madness knows no boundaries

Sudan Tribune
Dec 29, 2005

Oromo Liberation Front
Press Release

The Ethiopian regime, faced with a growing popular discontent inside the country, and reproaching the large number of refugees in the neighboring countries especially in Kenya for the crisis inside the country, is now reinforcing its foreign-based security traps.

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Kenya Investigating Claims of Kidnapping By Ethiopia Agents

By Cathy Majtenyi


28 December 2005

Kenyan police are investigating allegations that Ethiopian government agents are kidnapping and harassing Ethiopian refugees of Oromo-origin living in Kenya, a charge the Ethiopian government denies.

Ethiopian forces kill three protesting students in Oromo

Sunday 25 December 2005

Sudan Tribune

Three Oromo students have been killed and five others have been seriously wounded by the Ethiopian soldiers in Kiltukara town in the district of Sibu, West Welega zone in western Ethiopia.

Despite the repressive action taken by the Ethiopian government in an effort to quell the uprising launched by Oromo students and people, the resistance has even grown bigger, the opposition Voice of Oromo Liberation (VOL) said.

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Report Lists Nation's Detaining Journalists

Tuesday December 13, 2005 11:16 PM

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - China, Cuba, Eritrea and Ethiopia kept the most journalists in jail this year, together accounting for two-thirds of the 125 editors, writers and photojournalists imprisoned around the world, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Tuesday.

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